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Transportation toll
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Dear Editor: First, I would like to say that the after school programs is full to capacity. Many parents like me waited to find out about transportation options before the start of the school year and at that time the parents who could not keep their child at the theme school had to make a decision. At open house I found out that my child will be picked and dropped off by bus, and this change without any consideration for the parents and the kids is absolutely disgusting. It is not fair that after parents invested money for uniforms and kids are already comfortable in their class suddenly they are being kicked out. An urgent parent meeting should have been called to explore other options. Is this [about] money or about accommodating parents who have the means to take and pick [up] their child from school. I pay taxes too and our kids have the right to attend that school. Mr. Whatley is manipulating the "Limited Transportation" phrase. What was said in the theme school meetings several months ago was that transportation will be limited but never, never stated that for the zone/super zone students transportation will not be a home pick up or drop off. The limited transportation was more specifically addressed for those students living outside the zone and super zone. They should be ashamed of themselves. To Cathy Dobbs, the fact that other counties do not provide transportation for theme schools is completely irrelevant to Newton. Newton County did say that they would provide transportation of a limited basis. I see this as a tool for NCSS to get [rid of] some kids plain and simple.