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To Jack Harwell
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Jack Harwell is Covington, Georgia — Covington, Georgia, is Jack Harwell.

A close confidant of Jack expressed this thought to me when we first learned of Jack’s illness.

That same thought has been expressed by many of Jack’s friends time and again in the past few weeks.

Several friends of Jack have expressed their desire that his family know how much he is loved and cared for by those of us who are fortunate to call him friend.

You cannot know Jack Harwell and not like him. I guess if there is anyone around who might say they don’t like Jack, well, they’re probably just jealous of him.

Jack Harwell has never met a stranger. His reputation precedes him and follows after him. I doubt there is not a person in Newton County who does not have a Jack Harwell story to tell. He’s been there, he’s done it all. There has been no holding back. Jack Harwell has lived life to its fullest, and he’s done it his way to be sure.

Jack hails from a family full of charisma and good deeds. From its beginnings in Mansfield and on to Covington, the family business Harwell’s Funeral Home is known by every household in Newton County and even the surrounding counties.

From Daddy Bill to Daddy Charles and his brother Ralph, then on to Brother Billy and Jack, the Harwells are part of the backbone of Covington, Newton County and the surrounding towns. And I’m pretty sure there are a lot of folks who can tell us how the Harwells have helped them in their various times of grief. Daddy Bill even brought my mama and my brothers home in the company ambulance from the hospital when they were born.

One thing I didn’t know about Jack that I’ve recently learned is that he at times has loaned money to his acquaintances. What I understand further is that they did not have to necessarily be in his inner circle of friends. I had always known of Jack’s generosity but I didn’t know it was to this extent.

We who are Jack’s age are also in the twilight of our days, especially those of us who are the Class of ‘61. Our days in school and all the years thereafter have been made brighter by knowing and loving Jack Harwell.

Phyllis Allgood