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Time for a new president
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Dear Editor: I am a descendant of the brave people who settled this country. I am nearing 100 years of age and have lived through many wars and the Depression in the 1930s. Hard times, I will allow, was felt at unexpected times and all in between.

Nothing can compare to the time of the reign of Adolf Hitler who rode his way to the German Reich on a religious platform. Word got around that his mother was of the Church of God faith. This caused Adolf to be looked upon as some sort of saint. He managed to win the trust of the German people.

The German people looked at this scoundrel instead of God for guidance and fell into one of the greatest conflicts the world has ever known. It was called the Holocaust, the murder of all those precious Jews. They were like sheep going to be slaughtered. They had no idea their enemy was within.

I can see the likeness of Hitler in our President Obama. His platform seems the same. Communism is his goal. With his shrewd tongue, he will take over our fine government and rule with an iron rod.

Americans had better wake up. I'm sure Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is our enemy, but we have an enemy of the worst kind right here in our White House who is tearing down our country daily. If you can't see it, then you are watching the wrong news. ABC, NBC and CBS are not reporting all that is really going on with the president. Try watching CNN and FOX news. Get informed, and you will be shocked at what is happening in the USA under our elected officials' noses. All I can say is we have a bunch of dead men and women walking around in Washington, D.C., getting paid great money for doing nothing.

If you aren't registered to vote, then register and make your voice heard. If you vote for Obama and he gets re-elected, then know you will live to regret the day that you helped put this man back in office to finish what he started...destroying the greatest nation in the world. I've lived long enough to know exactly what I am talking about.

Ruby Allen