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Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014 ...
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While my thoughts should be remembering the attack on our country 13 years ago, they are on the headlines of this paper two days ago…

“NAACP , Pastors may march”…REALLY !!!

This is all about the incompetent, dysfunctional County Commission, The Chair and some members.

It’s all about a bad decision made by Keith Ellis…period…

If there were no policy re: loans from our tax dollars, there certainly should have been…NO one should be able to ask for a loan, and NO one should be able to demand one…period…

Now on to the local race baiters who should have learned long ago that their strong arm tactics don’t work here in Covington. I have known Archie Shepherd and W. J. Reed more than forty years, I didn’t expect this from them.
Some always want to divide our City and County by color, their side of town, their district or their representative…I’ve always thought of Covington as my town, our town, not divided.

They need to understand there is to my knowledge, only two Community Centers in Covington, one on Washington Street and the other in Nelson Heights.

At present there is a park on Conyers Street, Clark Street and Nelson Heights, could be others I am not aware of.
As for J. C. Henderson, I’m not here to attack him for asking for a loan, but he should have never asked in the first place. Go to a bank like the rest of us. If you need a co signer ask Keith…I’m sure he would have loaned you the money from his pocket just as fast as he did my tax dollars.

I sincerely ask that there be NO march in Covington. With the political climate in this Nation, with all the low life national media looking for a story, with all the killings, carjacking, home invasions…I want NO unrest in Covington.

Fred Harwell