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There's a difference
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Dear Editor: I would like to comment on a letter from Linda Cooper that was in the 1-13-2010 edition of The Covington News.

I do agree with her about people who would dump their animals like trash, not caring what happens to them. We have had more than our share dumped out here too. She is not alone in thinking that the Humane Society and Animal Control are one and the same. I am a member of the Humane Society and have heard people talking like that a lot. I do try to explain that we are not the same, when I hear it.

The folks at Animal Control do a great job. But they do have rules to follow. Every person who works out there has a love for animals, and most have adopted all that they can take care of. They don't like to have to put animals to sleep anymore than you or I do, but they have no choice. The animals are put to sleep in the most humane way possible. If they had their way, no animal would be put down. So please don't blame them for what is the fault of the irresponsible pet owner. They are in desperate need of a larger shelter to house the animals. If they had that, maybe they could keep some a little longer, hoping they could be adopted.

Now the Humane Society works closely with Animal Control, by giving the rebates to folks who adopt animals from the shelter and have them spayed or neutered. We buy some of the creature comforts for the animals that have to be in the shelter. We built the barn out there, to house the large and small livestock that end up there. We have the Mutt Show every year in town. We buy the rabies vaccine for our rabies clinic and help with some cases where people can't get care for their animals, but truly love them. Things like that. We also sponsor pet therapy at nursing homes. We exist strictly on donations from the public. We do not get paid by anyone.

One thing is for sure though. Animal Control, and the Humane Society both agree on the fact that none of us can understand the mind set of a person who would have so little humanity as to do such a cruel thing as throw animals out like so much trash. Even worse, to throw little babies out that are helpless and will come to a horrible end of life.

I hope this will help to explain to people, the difference in the two organizations.