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The Morgans and Yellow Journalism
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To the editor: I was completely neutral on the question concerning the possible change in the structure of the Newton County Government until I read Barbie Morgan's column in the Covington News. As they say, "The bit dog always hollers" and this is sure an example of that old saying.

It's like, "Hey you can't take the Morgans out of control of the county!" Well, I've heard more than one person say over the years, "I think I've had about as much of the Morgans as I can stand."

Mrs. Jack Morgan is a wonderful person, loved by everyone who knows her and she is not a part of this particular note. Other street talk indicates if people like Barbie and Kim and some strong outside influences had not meddled in the Chair's business, her stead would be much stronger than what we see today.

I once told Davis Morgan, as he struggled with a specific problem, "Davis, the people elected you chairman so you do what you think is right."

Talk about the commissioner's thoughts seem to be aligned with some of the other street talk so what can you expect? I don't know too much about what goes on in the inside but I do know there has been conflict about who can do what even though it is clearly spelled out in the Charter.

As has also been stated many times before in reference to the potential changes, the board must go outside the County to seek a professional. It seems that historically speaking, unfortunately, a truly qualified professional just isn't going to step up from the electorate. There are, however, thousands of qualified applicants available around the country.

Since Barbie's opinions are ‘cherished' by the yellow journalism mongers at this publication, I would like to bring into this letter one more subject. The "Half truths of Mr. Sigman's cut your utility bills."

It was a while ago when Mr. Sigman sat with me to inquire how this can be done. I am retired from the business of cutting utility costs. I am probably as expert on the subject as you will find after having spent 35 years in this profession. I did write the legislation for the Georgia House Environmental Committee in the early part of this century and it is a huge document filled with ways to do just this. He was truly concerned and I was willing to spend some time educating him on this subject. I would have done the same with any candidate who asked me.

Your innuendos that he can't do it are not "Half false"; they are entirely false. Did you ask him? He didn't seem to be willing to spill the beans to the other paper for fear others would steal his thunder.

In reference to your explanation of how the council will have to approve such measures should he present them, from what I know about politics, it would be political suicide for any of them to refuse to save the constituents money on their utility bills.

I have no idea either where the city employee you interviewed got his information. Did you ask him if he had spoken with Mr. Sigman?

Looks like you were just on another witch hunt to hang Mr. Sigman out to dry. I wouldn't have cared if it were Johnson or any of the other candidates, but your unprofessional techniques, which you sadly call journalism, are rotten to the core.

Samuel M. Hay, III