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Tea Party musings
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Dear Editor: Your Oct. 3 issue carried a reprint of a cartoon from the Chattanooga Free Press that besmirched the Tea Parties. This followed the pattern of the response by the governing class and its support system in the media to the Tea Party phenomenon.

Last year, as regular folks took to the street in frustration over their elected officials’ not listening to them, the media at first ignored them, then they made fun of them. When they realized they weren’t going away, they vilified them, then they distorted their message. That’s the category in which your cartoon falls.

If you don’t like the policy positions of the tea partiers, let’s discuss the issues on their merits. Instead you assume the attitude that if a person criticizes President Obama then he’s a racist; if you want the borders protected against illegal immigration, you’re a xenophobe; if you are for traditional marriage, you’re a homophobe; and if you’re not in favor of a mosque that teaches Sharia law being build within 600 feet of Ground Zero, you’re an Islamaphobe.

We had a Tea Party on the Covington Square, on Oct. 2. Several hundred people attended. We had bluegrass music, inspired speeches and appearances by political candidates. There was a lot of singing, laughing, and applauding. I saw no hint of bitterness, anger, prejudice, jingoism etc. mentioned in your cartoon. My 10-year old granddaughter held up a sign that said, "Honk, if you love freedom." Several hundred cars honked as they circled the square.

Too bad your paper chooses not to cover the event. Of course, if you are bigoted against the tea partiers and intolerant of their positions, why go to the trouble?