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Takes exception to editorial
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Dear Sirs: Your thoughts need a little more formation. Your ridiculous criticism of President Obama (March 18), while I have come to expect nothing else from this editorial board, is way off the mark as usual.

You lament his "lack of leadership" in regards to the situation in Libya, yet completely fail to grasp that he is doing exactly what a thoughtful, rational leader should do at moments like this. It's called diplomacy. I realize you don't recognize it since it wasn't used during the period of 2000 to 2008, unless, of course, you count cowboy diplomacy (Yeehaw! It's my way or the highway - here we come to spread democracy!) and somehow I suspect that this is the only kind of diplomacy that this editorial board recognizes.

The United States, along with our allies Britain and France, sought and finally received UN approval late Thursday night when the UN Security Council voted to impose a no-fly zone over Libya and authorize "all necessary measures" to protect civilians from attacks by Moammar Gadhafi's forces. With this resolution, we now have the legal authority finally to act in Libya. This editorial board should be thrilled about that since you claim to support people who want to uphold our Constitution and the rule of law.

You reference TR, yet fail to see that "walking softly but carrying a big stick" is exactly what the Obama Administration is doing. What you saw as a "lack of leadership" was actually a brilliant move by this administration to buy time to evacuate several hundred Americans in Libya and secure the necessary global cooperation to move on Gadhafi. That was the walking softly part. Gadhafi hopefully isn't Charlie Sheen crazy and will see that the very big stick known as the United States Military will be falling swiftly on his head if he doesn't bow out now.

I realize that no matter what President Obama does, you will always find fault with him because he outmaneuvered the best you had to throw at him and you can't stand it. You can complain to your heart's content that he's playing golf or filling out NCAA brackets, but I bet you (and everyone else reading this) are doing the same. I bet this weekend you all got out and enjoyed the glorious weather and spent time with your family doing things you enjoy - just like the president. The only difference between him and you or me is that he gets 24/7 briefings from people who actually know what is going on and acts on them knowing people's lives depend on his rational thinking.

Sarah E. Todd,