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Take better care
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To the editor: In the black section of the Covington City Cemetery, tombstones have been knocked down, vandalized and carried away over the last 50 years. City officials have done nothing. These tombstones were very close to newly built houses. In the last 5 years, the tombstone of Emory Willis, a World War I veteran, has disappeared.

At Westside Cemetery, Henry Willis's tombstone was in place a couple of years ago. He died in the late 1920s. Now that space has been cleared and the marker is gone. The space has been cleared to bury new people.
Liberty Cemetery in Porterdale is where my maternal grandparents and several of their siblings are buried. Porterdale city officials have long ignored the black section as if it were not there. I am afraid to walk in there for fear of stepping in a hole.

These practices should stop. I have close relatives in all three cemeteries.