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Stop speeding past school busses
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Dear Editor,

 Something must be done about people speeding past stopped school busses!

 I live in Mansfield, and our bus stop is on Hwy. 11. In this area the speed limit is 35 mph. The stop time is approximately 6:50 a.m. and is still dark outside.

Since the first day of school I’ve stood there with my children to make certain that they were safe. It would be no exaggeration to say that four out of five mornings, at least one car speeds through, past blinking bus lights and the stop sign arm.

This particular portion of the route has my children needing to cross Hwy. 11 to get on the bus. I’m positive that if I was not present each morning that my children would have already been hit.

I feel the bus driver is highly competent and has taught all the children to wait to cross the highway until she makes sure the lead car has stopped. She then waves for them to cross. She spoke with me on several occasions and said she’s asked for a stop arm cam to be installed, but no news on that request. Georgia state law says it’s a crime, and I feel that not only is this a traffic violation, but each person caught doing this should face child endangerment charges also.


J. Parker