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Dear Editor: As we all know these are hard times; the economy is in the tank. This is the time to tighten the belt and really think about how we spend what funds we do have wisely.

It only makes sense that if you have X amount of dollars, you spend it where it will do the most good and for the greatest amount of people. This (SPLOST) is tax money, people, It isn’t a government grant or one of Santa’s presents. It locks in all consumers in Newton County to a one-cent tax increase for the next six years, so if everyone contributes, everyone should at least see some benefit.

With this being said, can someone please justify the following?



$750,000 for a new terminal at the airport as well as new equipment. Think about it. When’s the last time you have even been to the airport?

$1.1 million more to refurbish the "old jail." Come on folks, this building has been standing for over 100 years. Can’t it wait a little longer, at least until we see a better economy? The exterior has already been refurbished. Just how high on the priority list is this project for the average citizen of Covington?

$3.1 million to resurface Industrial Boulevard. Most of Industrial Boulevard was resurfaced just a few months ago. Is there some master plan that we don’t know about concerning that area? I mean, just how much traffic are we talking about?

$400,00 to install sidewalks and lighting on Elm Street? Have you walked down Elm street at night recently? If so, where in the world were you going? Just asking.



$535,000 for the Yellow River Park and old train depot. Is this for a new park? It seems the train depot rehab could be postponed and add the savings to the meager $36,000 proposed to the other new park.

$1.2 million for a new roof for the gym. Now that’s a lot of money. Will the gym be usable after spending this much money, or will the inside have to be refurbished also? If the interior needs work also, where will that money come from and when? This means you would have a new roof on a building that’s pretty much still unusable. I know the good people of Porterdale would probably appreciate a traffic light at the intersection of Ga. Highway 81 and the bypass road. Just a thought.

$377,240 for repairs to the intersection of Ivy and Hemlock streets. That must be one messed up intersection to cost almost $400,000.



$30,000 for Rails to Trails. I thought this was a dead issue.