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So many questions
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Dear Editor: This is a letter I sent to the two state of Georgia senators and the president of the United States.

This is just a thought but shouldn’t senators and representatives and the president represent the citizens of the United States of America regardless of their political party affiliation?

I have a few questions about the health care bill. What is the "public option." Is the public option going to allow me to keep the medical association doctors I go to now? If the doctors I go to now tried to be private doctors could I no longer go to them unless I paid for the public health option and the private insurance? Are the members of congress going to have to take the public option also? If I get a disease will I have to wait several months to have the treatment that will make me well or will I have to pay for the timely treatment myself? In the last several months we have spent millions of dollars on helping businesses. Is there money left in the budget to pay for more government spending?

If about 270 million American citizens have health insurance and only around 30 million lack health insurance, couldn’t the congress and the president try to offer just that 30 million who don’t have health insurance public health care? My last question to you and the congress and the president in this letter is do we not already have a health care system that would cover those 30 million people or at least most of them. Do we not have Medicare, Medicaid, state health departments, county health departments, emergency room care?

I do suggest that the president and the congress thoroughly study the health care bill. These are questions we should all think about in the possible passing of this bill.