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Salvation Army needs our help
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Dear Sirs: I was in our local Salvation Army Store yesterday to donate some items. While there, I was talking to one of the employees I know. She said donations were very slow due to the economy. After I got home, I decided to write this letter.

The Salvation Army does so much good work in the good old USA to help people in disaster areas, storms, floods and burned out families.

I know of two families in Covington who were burned out, and they put the ladies in a hotel with their children, helped with a deposit for a house and provided clothes, money and vouchers.

Teachers call them for clothes for needy children. The help people with rent, utilities and food. They also have mobile buses to cook and feed people in storm and flood areas.

Being a Navy veteran, I have seen this along the coast of Louisiana and all over the USA. So please, the next time you have something to donate, think hard and long about the Salvation Army Store at 5193 Washington St. in Covington. The will be glad to help you unload it and they will give you a slip for your taxes.