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Represent me
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Dear Editor: This letter is in response to the Capitol Columns written by state Sen. John Douglas and Rep. Doug Holt. Politicians never cease to amaze me with their doublespeak and politalk. One of these days we will have a local representative who will abide by the will if their constituents instead of the button-down lobbyists. Sometimes you forget that you are supposedly voting on issues that are in the best interest of all taxpayers, not a well oiled behemoth lobbyist called Georgia Power.

 They went about their business of getting SB 31 passed through our local "politicians" like a surgeon cutting up a warm butter bar. If you both are there to represent our wishes, how in the world could you vote in favor of this bill. I do not know of anyone in our district, and I know a lot of people who are voters, who was for this bill.

 I read your in-depth review posted on your Web site, Doug, obviously written with Georgia Powers’ assistance, and your reasoning is the old standard doublespeak.

All you both have done is grant Georgia Power their Christmas wish early and turned a deaf ear to the very people who put you in place. I wonder how I can start a business and have every customer pay up front for something they may or may not get, with no risk to me.

 I have supported you both over the years, but I assure you, I no longer will and will do everything I can to see that we will have representation who has the best interests of the people back home. When you get to the point of representing the lobbyists and not us, its time to move on.

Timothy D. Jackson