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Remember the families
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Dear Editor: I am Stephanie Singleton, the sister of Rodney Singleton whose murder was a top story in your Ashes to Ashes series last week. I am writing this letter on behalf of my family and the extended family and friends of Rodney Singleton to express our disgust at the insensitivity of The Covington News and to request that the Ashes to Ashes series be discontinued at once.

I am appalled by the lack of consideration for our family displayed by your paper. My brother was maliciously murdered in Covington in 1994. My family has lived with the tragic details and insurmountable loss of that horrific crime every day. If any of your family or friends had ever been the victim of such a crime, you would understand the continuing pain that it creates. Truly, those affected by that day need no reminders.

You appear to have lost context in your article. Rodney and our family were the victims in this story, yet you have chosen to inflict more pain through your exaggerated portrayal of that day.

I am angered by the statement in the article that our family had no comment regarding the story. A single message left on an answering machine the day before the article is published is not a sincere attempt to seek comment from our family, we would have offered numerous comments to include a sincere request that this article never be published and that this "series" be stopped.

Finally, as the family of Rodney Singleton, we would ask that The Covington News show respect for the grief and loss of not only our family, but also those of other citizens of this community who have fallen victim to such vicious crimes. We ask that this cruel "series" be discontinued before other families are hurt through the cold and thoughtless selfishness of your paper – its publisher, its editor and writers.

Stephanie Dare Singleton, MD

Roger and Mary Ann Singleton

Editor’s note: This letter has been edited from its submitted form. Amber Pittman attempted to contact the family two days prior to the publication of the story. The article stated the Singleton family declined to comment, when in fact they were not reachable by telephone prior to the story’s publication.