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Questioning the BOC
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Dear Editor: There is an old saying, probably Southern, that goes like this: "Them that has, gets." To me, this means in general that a person or persons who have clout or influence can often "get" what others who don't have this advantage can't "get".

Case in point. There is an unpaved road in western Newton County that has about 70 homes. This road is one-mile long, has already had an engineering study done and is - I hate this phrase - shovel ready.

Now, there is another unpaved road in eastern Newton County. It is more than two miles long. The first mile has 10 homes on it. The balance has six homes. To the best of my knowledge this road has not had an engineering study done. Plus the County is goingto reimburse two EMC'S $95,356.25 for utility re-location. Now you know which road is set to be paved, don't you? Isn't there anybody in the Newton County government who can say this is not right? This is wrong!

Does anybody have the power to question actions of the Newton County Board of Commissioners? Seems to me most counties have or impanel a Grand Jury to look into county affairs Does Newton County? Who takes the lead? Superior Court Judge? County Attorney? Who can give us answers to these questions?

Grier Sims