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Public indecency
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Dear Editor: In reading your article, there was no mention in the article about the woman driver of the tractor trailer getting a ticket for not keeping her eyes on the road. How can you take you eyes off the road long enough to pick up a cell phone and take the picture.

The truck driver should have been given a ticket for texting under Georgia’s new law. Texting under Georgia law means taking your eyes off the road and mashing a control on the cell phone...

The other question is what is the law called "Peeping Tom" mean? The man was inside his vehicle. What business was it of hers, if she was minding her own business of keeping her eyes on the road? There was no way that she could see inside the man’s vehicle, if she was looking at the road in front of her.

It would teach her a lesson if the federal government took her truck driving permit away from her for about 30 days for not driving her truck in a safe matter.

This newspaper should get a copy of the Georgia law titled Public Indecency and print in this paper word for word. The law plainly states that if a person allows any part of their sex organs to be seen in public, they are committing the act of public indecency.

I can go out in public and I can see two or three dozen of women committing public indecency every day of the week. The women are letting the men see half way down each breast, but you will never see this newspaper print any such article because this newspaper is run by women and they want the men to see half of their breasts.

Another thing you will never see is where a man has a woman arrested for public indecency. Every article you read, it’s always women doing it and the reason for that is a man can see a woman walking down the street nude and the man will take a look and just say she is doing her thing, but it can’t happen to a woman because a electric charge goes to a woman’s mind when see sees a man nude and the only relief for her is to have the man arrested, so she can’t see the man anymore.

Back in the early eighties men and boys under 40 years-old could wear short pants above their knees, but they can’t do that any more, because the boys in school were setting off the sex drives of the teen girls looking up the leg of the boys and you know what happened in nine months. Therefore no boy can go to school with short pants above the knees.

To close, when you see a male out in public with short pants on, then you know that he is 40 or more years old if his short pants are above his knees.