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Please slow down
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Dear Editor: Every morning, I stand outside and watch my son as he waits at the bus stop. Every morning, my son and the other kids at the bus stop have to jump into the ditch to keep from getting run over by cars that come speeding down the road, swerving. Our road, Airport Road, is a short cut between highways 142 and 81. The speed limit is 35, but it is rarely, if ever, followed, even by law enforcement. I have stood in the road in an effort to slow people down, only to be cussed out by the idiots that insist on speeding. I fear for the safety of the children who have to suddenly dive out of the way, even though they are standing well away from the edge of the road. When I called the sheriff’s office to request a unit to be in place for a couple of days during the 15 minutes that the kids are at the stop, I was told that it wasn’t possible to have that as it is too close to shift change. So tell me: does a child have to die in order for the NCSO to place a unit on Airport Road?

I ask that if you travel Airport Road in the morning, please slow down. If you are chronically running behind schedule, leave your house earlier. Do not place the wellbeing and safety of my child and other children in danger because you are running late, or because you think no one is watching, or because you are simply wanting to act stupid. Do that somewhere else.