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Photographs please
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Dear Editor: My father, Robert H. Greene, owned and operated Greene’s Pharmacy on the square in Covington for a number of years. I believe he sold it to Dan Wiegel when I was still in school and James Hutchins later owned it in that spot until he relocated to the other side of the square. I don’t think there was ever a pharmacy on that site after that. Now, as a senior citizen, I look back on the years there with nostalgia. My grown children missed knowing their grandfather as he died in 1959 and would love to see pictures of his place of business.

My father bought the drug store from Mr. Pennington in 1934 and retired either in the late 1940s or early 1950s, but before 1953. Surely there are pictures in existence in someone’s possession of that side of the square, just down from the old courthouse. I know there was a pool hall on the corner, then Greene’s Pharmacy, and I believe a café (Bouchillon’s maybe) and last, a chain grocery store (A & P). Over the grocery was the Masonic Hall. If anyone who reads this has a snapshot of that area of stores, I’ll gladly pay for copies to be made if you’ll share them with me and my family. It would mean so very much to us.