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Outpouring of support
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My husband and I would love to thank all of you for the overwhelming show of support in response to the story about our son Noah. When Noah had his Nintendo stolen, it made us question the morals of the adult world today.

However, in your support, you have made us realize that there are still quite a few adults out there who would never do something like this. Noah was actually given a wonderful surprise when Investigator Mike Roberts of the Newton County Sheriff's Office came by our house on Monday night. A thoughtful gentleman (who still remains anonymous), brought a Nintendo DS and case by the Sheriff's Office to give to Noah. When we brought Noah in the room to see Investigator Roberts and he saw the Nintendo, he started yelling "Thank you!" over and over again and wrapped his arms around Investigator Roberts' legs. We explained that someone else had given it to him, but all he saw was he could play his games again. We let him play until bedtime that night. He was so excited; it was hard to say no. There were also numerous offers from people through The Covington News' office to either replace his game or offers of money donations toward replacing his game. The manager, Pam, at Chick-Fil-A in Covington even called and offered to replace Noah's game. Another gentleman came by The Covington News office and insisted that Mrs. Pittman (the writer of the article) forward to our family an envelope with money in it.

We cannot thank the community enough for all of the outpouring of support we have seen. Noah has unfortunately learned a very difficult lesson in life. It is difficult to explain this type of lesson to any child, but in this case, sometimes the inability to understand bad things is a blessing. It is hopefully something that will fade into his memory. It is a memory we will not forget. Yes, the bad will be hard to forget, but the good is so much more clear and strong.