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Out in The Country
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Dear Editor: "Honey, Daddy and I want you to come home for Thanksgiving dinner with us. Your brothers are hoping to see you this year. You haven't been home for more than two years. Grandma and Grandpa keep asking about you and sure hope you can be here this time. You are our daughter and we love you with all our hearts. Baby, you know we've been over this several times before. No, darlin', we sure hope you don't bring Ann with you. You know how we feel about your partner. And you know what the preacher says about your living together."

As you may have guessed, this monologue is part of the conversation that typically occurs between a lesbian and her mom especially at this time of year. The holidays which usually represent fun, happy and memorable occasions aren't always experienced that way. As illustrated in this brief mother/daughter phone conversation, these family events sometimes are most painful, stressful and divisive affairs. Of course, this needn't be the case.

Out In The Country is a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender nonprofit support group providing information and education to members of these minorities, their families, loved ones and friends. Parents who suspect their child may be gay sometimes tumble into the pitfall of denial causing untold emotional and spiritual harm to everyone concerned.

One of the principle causes, for example, of teenage suicides, is the depressing feeling of alienation and isolation that so may young people experience when they realize that not even their parents will listen to them. These teens are quick to learn that they are "soiled," lost and uncomfortable to be around.

The Out In The Country support group is a free, nonprofit, nondenominational effort that reaffirms the supreme value of every human being with every right to happiness and opportunity. For more information about this organization serving Rockdale and Newton counties and how it may meet your needs or those of a loved one, please call (770) 243-3071.

Jack McBride