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On gun law
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Dear editor,

Recently, I penned an article for Freedom Outpost, an internet publication, about the story in the Covington News on May 4, 2014, regarding the reaction to The Safe Carry and Protection Act recently signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal.

The statements made by Newton County Sheriff Ezell Brown were particularly disturbing not only to me but some of the readers of that internet publication. As you may know, the Sheriff’s office is the only constitutionally established law enforcement organization. The Sheriff is charged with upholding, protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States. Sheriff Brown’s comments along with his adopted county gun ordinance, approved in 2013, should have individuals concerned about his ability to uphold his oath of office and faithfully discharge his duties as sheriff.
Enacted gun laws only serve to limit the law-abiding individual and are in direct violation of the Second Amendment. As has been proven time and again, criminals disregard the laws enacted by men and governments. Criminals do not open carry their weapons, they conceal them until time to commit the crime; and, they certainly do not obtain permits or firearms by legal means. Individuals who have concealed carry permits do not have their firearms visible, hence the term “concealed’ and have obtained their firearm legally. If any law enforcement officer can see a “concealed” weapon, the weapon is not concealed. And Georgia law provides for how individuals carry firearms, including long gun weapons and handguns.

The enacted gun laws in Georgia have not changed except for the new law in place, which if law enforcement bothered to read it, does not mean “a green light for the presence of guns held by untrained and unlicensed individuals ...” nor does it mean an increase in victims in vulnerable areas. The vulnerable areas are “gun-free” zones as criminals will target those believed easy victims — those in gun-free zones. Individuals bearing arms are a deterrent to crime as has been proven in numerous studies.

Sheriff Brown, an elected individual serving in a constitutionally-established office, sounds more like a proponent of gun control than an individual who took an oath in support of the Constitution. Of course, Sheriff Brown indicated his intent with the county gun ordinance and the county commissioners echoed his sentiments by adopting it. Neither Sheriff Brown nor the county commissioners are interested in upholding laws regarding the “right to bear arms” and do not understand the phrase “shall not be infringed.” And, neither understands that any gun law enacted or ordinance adopted only limits the rights of law abiding citizens and does nothing to impede the criminal element.

Thank goodness there are those in this state that understand what escapes the Newton County Sheriff and Newton County Board of Commissioners.

Suzanne Hamner
Newton County