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Obamas energy plan isnt the answer
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To the editor: I just finished reading your op ed on Newt Gingrich. I thought that you of all people would be honored to have the former speaker of the House visit Newton County. I would suppose that a visit from President Obama would have been more appropriate for your taste.

As I see things, I was much better off professionally and financially when Bush 43 was in office. There are things a president can do with the presidential pen to increase the supply and lower the price of gasoline in this country. Obama claims there are no silver bullets, yet he refuses to do anything to cross the EPA that would allow increased production, whether the effort was in exploration, procurement, or refinement. New exploration, new drilling and new refineries would certainly help alleviate the prices at the pump.

The president's secretary of energy made deliberate efforts to match Europe's energy prices. This was Obama's goal, clearly stated by the secretary of energy at the beginning of his tenure. He is probably a socialist, too.
I can only imagine the health of my savings and retirement account following three and a half years of Obama rule (hey, that was Valerie Jarrett's comment, not mine). My commute entails approximately 100 miles a day from Covington to the Lawrenceville area and back. There are no carpooling or public transportation options there.
When the part time, under-employment factor is considered, Obama has been nothing but a failure in my opinion.

Now I have no idea under the sun where you received your degree in journalism, or if you possess one at all, but if you did and if you do, it must have been at one of the most liberal think tanks in this country. This article is one of the most liberally biased works I have ever read.
By the way, how is all that "hope and change" working for you?

Russell Kent Hurd