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Not the delusional one
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Dear Editor: In response to Patrick Durusau's Friday column "Delusional CIA operatives who tortured people" - seriously? This is what you say about people who risked their lives to protect your life and my life and all of the many other millions of American lives. I can understand if you suffer from the BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome - people who blame everything in the world on Bush), nothing new there, but to insult members of our CIA who were just following orders in an effort to save American lives. Seriously?

I respect that we all have freedom of speech and you can give thanks to those whom you criticize for that right because if it were not for the CIA, FBI, our military, our local police, sheriff and deputies, and fire and EMS and all of those brave men and women who work to protect us and save our lives, then you, sir, would not have the right to give this opinion in this paper. I do remember 9/11 and am very grateful to the men and women in the CIA who did what was necessary, within the bounds of the law, to conduct enhanced interrogations to obtain information that saved thousands and possibly millions of American lives. I know that Bush/Cheney were not perfect, and I disagreed with them mainly regarding some financial decisions, and I spoke up about that at the time. But I give them the utmost respect because after 9/11/2001 we were not attacked again on our soil. We were safe and it is sad that we face danger in the future thanks to those in Washington, D.C., who claim they want to "change" things but this is just more of the same political games in an effort to keep their power.

I do see, however, a possibility of this backfiring on those who are crying out the loudest in D.C. - what will happen when all is disclosed regarding the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and it is released what she knew, when she knew it and that she completely supported water-boarding and other measures? This will be interesting as the whole truth comes out.