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No to healthcare
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Dear Editor: Have you’ll lost your minds? You are not listening to the people of Georgia. We do not want this bill and you are still supporting it. I know everybody I have talked to said no on this crazy healthcare bill. How can you do this to the American people? I do not want government to have any say in my healthcare. Freedom of choice — why didn’t you’ll let the people vote on this? I think you have all forgotten who you work for; I hope every one of you loses your jobs and is voted out office. Taxes are already too high and government is way too big. Stop this madness... I will never vote for anyone who voted for this bill. This was the saddest day I can remember for the American people. We are supposed to live in a free county (sic), not in a government run county. We have rights even if the Democrats think they know best, they DO NOT. I want to control what I have or don’t have; it is not the government’s place to tell me that. Freedom, freedom, freedom........................