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Newborn mayor offers thanks
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Dear Sirs: The Town of Newborn was hit by a tornado at approximately 1 a.m. Thursday. Although trees were down, blocking all entry and exit roads to the town, no injuries were reported.

Volunteers were out by 3 a.m., cutting our way out of town.

By Thursday night, the streets were opened and some power was back on. This was due to the tremendous response from volunteers and agencies of the county, state and federal governments.

It is impossible to delineate each and every agency and each and every volunteer.

Because of this, the Town of Newborn is by this letter publicly thanking each and every one of you who have helped and made our recovery possible.

Because of the help, the Hornyhead Fish Festival was able to be held as scheduled on Saturday and was a huge success.

Our town name has truly fit our situation - we are

"New Born".

Thanks again;

Roger W. Sheridan
Mayor, town of Newborn