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More competition
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Dear Editor: Thank you, but no thank you. Is there anyone around who remembers passenger trains? That was before the 1940s and 1950s, before the government "helped" the railroads through over regulations.

Does anyone remember when an airline ticket to Europe cost the equivalent of several thousand present day dollars? That was before the government stopped helping the airlines through over regulation.

Now that same "Mommie government" is offering to help solve the alleged health care problems. Are you interested?

We are told that it is urgent to pass health care legislation this week. Also, after a few months of study and contemplation, we will decide what, if anything, to do about the economy and Afghanistan.

Consider this: Low cost airline travel to London came from open competition, not government control. Let's solve health care problems with more competition, rather than more government involvement. What other goods or services do we consumers ever purchase without some advance knowledge of our financial commitment? We find out for the first time when we receive the bill. And if the government and/or the insurance company is paying for it. Why do we even care then?

This is our problem, not the government's. Let's find a way for free enterprise and market forces to deal with this, rather than individuals whose only qualifications are that they won an election.

Thanks, but no thanks.