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Misreporting the news
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Your article in Friday's edition ("GOP incumbent faces bus driver...") was most peculiar, from the headline to its lack of information on Mr. Eddie Johnson. I personally do not live in District 2, nor do I know Mr. Johnson, but I recognized a totally inept and biased article. You did publish a small "correction" on page 2 of the Sunday edition with no explanation of how your reporter left out all of Mr. Johnson's background.
 Well, the voters of District 2 spoke out yesterday and elected the "bus driver" over the experienced incumbent.
 You might want to check on the reliability of your "interactive poll" which predicted a 70 percent victory for Bill Watterson. I eagerly await the prediction for the County Commission Chairman's race.
 Regardless of you problems in misreporting the local news, we were still blessed with wonderful, highly qualified candidates in all local contested races. It was sad to see two of my former students (from Newton High) lose their races for sheriff and District 3 Commissioner, but they chose to compete as Republicans at the wrong time of the political cycle.

Charles Woods
Retired social studies teacher
Former chairman,
Newton County Democratic Committee