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Meth epidemic
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Dear Editor: Recent and current news stories present a decline in the quality of life in America and Newton County. Current FBI crime studies show an overall increase of crime in Newton County. Much of this is caused by newer and more addictive illegal drugs. Recent articles in magazines such as Newsweek and other journals describe meth as America's new drug crisis.

Law enforcement officials say the increased use of meth is out of control and has reached epidemic stage and is getting worse by the month. We read where the Atlanta metro area is now the illegal drug distribution point for the eastern United States.

The saddest part of what we read is that over 80 percent of our high school and middle school students have been at one time or other exposed to drugs in their schools. These articles print a very bleak picture for the future of America.

My wife and I have two school-age children and live off the Bypass Road near Highway 36. We are told there are two heavily drug infested areas within a mile of us. It is my understanding that the school D.A.R.E. program was cancelled, and there is a not any local concentrated illegal drug enforcement.

The large population of Newton County and the surrounding areas would seem to warrant the locating of a GBI or U.S. Drug Enforcement branch office to control drugs here.

Illegal drugs have to enter Newton County through a transportation system; they then have to be warehoused and from there have to be distributed through a distribution system. There is no way we can control crime in Newton County until we control the drug trade from the top to the bottom.