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Letters to the Editor
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Opposing trails

Dear Editor: I strongly support the views of Guy McGiboney and Freddie Neely in opposition to the county and city of Covington’s purchasing railroad-track property for use as walking trails. The trails would not prove to be safe for walkers. It would require many additional law enforcement officers and more jail cells for the criminals who commit added crimes and injuries to citizens.

In the same issue of The Covington News, the city announced increases in the cost of utilities, necessary services for already burdened citizens. Will Newton County citizens, particularly the elderly, be forced to pay for walking trails they do not need or want? I commend Chairwoman Kathy Morgan for questioning this possible use of funds when there are more important uses.

A. T. Stubbs

Keep NCSO intact

Dear Editor: I don’t want any more people laid off from their jobs. But, to say if cuts take place, all departments should be treated equally is not in the best interest of this county. To say that to stay clean and beautiful and/or housing inspections are as important as our public safety is wrong and I’m being as nice as I can with this pen. We should be increasing law enforcement so we can keep crime down or hold it where it is. Just recently a robber drove into our county from a neighboring county and jumped out of his car and ran from the police. I, like most people, don’t want to wonder if the sheriff’s department has enough people to do the job, especially with multiple emergencies just up the road in our capital city. When you dial 911, it’s like rolling dice. We can’t play polite or do favors with this budget, nor with public safety. All of us are being affected by this economy in one way or another. Some people are raking leaves, cutting grass and other odd jobs. Some, and I say this regretfully, are snatching purses, shop lifting and burglarizing. In times like these we need a police/deputy presence throughout this county, not a cut back on law enforcement. We’ve been fortunate here in Newton County this year regarding homicides and crime. Last year at this time we already had six murders. This year it’s only been one. Whether it’s because of city, county or state law enforcement, I just don’t think cutting the law enforcement is the answer to the budget shortfalls of this county.  
Forrest Sawyer
Host of WGFS radio show “Thy Brothers’ and Sisters’ Keepers”