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Letters to the editor: Hats off to Porterdale
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Dear Editor: I would like to express my thanks to the city of Porterdale for stepping up to the plate and providing Newton County with a great fireworks show.

While I was sitting on the hill with my family and friends, I could hear the conversations of the people around me. One lady stated you never get tired of seeing fireworks - it is always exciting, listening to the children with their oohs and ahs. [It] makes you feel good about living in a county that allows us to celebrate our freedom.

In this time of tight budgets, Porterdale truly understands the values of celebrating the independence of our great nation. To my understanding they held fundraisers and received funds through various avenues. The city of Covington had a small gathering on the Square, but they lacked the excitement of fireworks.

The excuse there, we don't have the funds. Our celebrations of independence should not be based upon budgets and how much it will cost to have fun. It should be based on the freedom that we have to be able to celebrate and the freedom that the rest of the world desires to obtain.

Food for thought - next July fourth let's combine the Covington Music Fest, the Oxford Parade, the Porterdale Fireworks, and invite Mansfield and Newborn and have a Independence Day celebration that people will talk about for years to come.

Once again, I say hats off to Porterdale.