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Letters to the Editor
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Dear Editor: Much to the dismay of a handful of people in our town, I am capable of both spelling and writing the English language as well as Spanish.

I mention this because on April 3, three of my best friends and members of The 106 (a community affairs and ethics group in Social Circle) were enjoying each other’s company at Macy’s at Stonecrest. They were confronted by Social Circle’s mayor Hal Dally. He quipped that that was a nice article that you wrote for Hosea, referring to a recent letter to the editor in The Walton Tribune. It was a very elementary piece.

You can call me fat. That I am. You may call me black; that I am. For the first 12 years of my life, I thought my name was the n-word. That’s reality. But to somehow suggest that I am stupid crosses the line. Mr. Dally also stated that we cannot read a financial statement, referring to the city’s budget, an endeavor that takes all of 17 minutes. If everything were in its proper place, one could accomplish it in less than 10 minutes. There are items hidden throughout, a mixing of monies, etc.
I hold no animosity toward Hal Dally or any other elected official or hired employee. The actions of The 106 are strictly political.

The mayor and council are the ones who have turned the city’s government into a dictatorship. One cannot ask a question at the council meeting. Former mayor Jim Burgess would at least allow you to ask questions at the end of the meeting. They will not hold a town-hall style forum. There have not been any council minutes posted online since August.

We have no choice other than going to the press in order to have our voices heard. The Bible teaches us not to boast. Leave that to someone else. However, I must say that I was an A student from the first day of school until my last. I always worked hard to maintain my status. I graduated from the cotton field to the cotton mill to plant superintendent with 24 years seven-days-a-week responsibilities.

Let’s make no mistakes this is not a racial issue on my behalf. Our community over the years has endured our share of hostilities.

Hosea Jackson, chairman
Community Affairs and Ethics in Politics
The 106 of Social Circle Community Affairs and Ethics in Politics