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Letters: The old 'double standard' is alive and well
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Dear Editor,

Regarding your recent article about Shannon Buff becoming Newton High School’s new principal; I was flabbergasted when I read Mrs. Henderson-Baker's reasons for being the dissenting vote.

 I thought I had misread her comments.  Surely, in this age of political correctness, sensitivity speech and diversity, she didn’t say what I thought she said.   So, I read it again, and then again. 

 To paraphrase – she dissented because “she always makes it an important fact for the kids at Newton High to see someone who has come from the community doing good in the community”.  My question is – was there someone from that community being considered for the job?

 I don’t know how many people were vying for the position, but I would hope the Board of Education considered all of the applicants with open minds and unbiased eyes and hired the most qualified.

 At this point, she could have simply said she didn't think Mrs. Buff was the best choice, most qualified, etc.  Instead she continues, saying “it’s important that they see someone that looks like them”

 doing good things.  What?!   What exactly do they look like?   I was at a recent Newton High basketball game and thought they looked pretty much like other high school students.  Surely, she didn’t mean because the  majority of students at Newton High school are African  American that she only wanted to consider a black person for  the job.  Surely not!   Where is the all-important “diversity” in that?

 She goes on to say (again paraphrased) that she doesn’t vote on friendship or race, instead considering the qualifications of candidates “relative to the culture, climate and needs of the school and community expressed by parents and constituents”.   So, the parents and her constituents also only wanted to consider an African American for the job?   Does that mean that the Eastside High School parents and that BOE member should only consider a Caucasian for the job of principal since the  majority of students there are white?  I would hope they would want the BEST person for the job. Period.

 Am I the only one who finds it ironic that in recent years a commissioner was harangued,  protested against and asked to resign at a Board of  Commissioners’ meeting  because of “racist”  comments he made (in an email I might add); while Mrs. Henderson-Baker’s comments were made to the local newspaper.  Does this mean that we should expect protests and requests for her resignation from the BOE?  I think not.   Looks like the old “double standard” is alive and well in Newton County.

Susan DesJardins

Social Circle

As an afterthought:   Those concerned parents at Newton High might want to look into the basketball cheerleaders' so-called  “dance  routine” (twerking?).  I heard many ugly comments from the audience (from both schools) at the basketball game I attended.  Even my teenage nieces were embarrassed by the display.