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Letter: Trash fees are a ransom
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Dear Editor,

I see the current trash center/ recycle center “problems” caused by poor management, lack of planning which are now being exacerbated by the decision of the county Board of Commissioners to inflict a $50 fee/payment or in effect a “ransom” on Newton County residents for the privilege of disposing trash!

The current system/program does not work because planning for population expansion did not occur, therefore the system is overloaded, undermanned which causes repeated trips for residents to dispose of trash (no open bins, closed, etc.).

Now to add insult to injury, a $50 charge is in addition to TAXES already paid!

And as stated, these centers will close in February of 2017, so in effect the “ransom” of $50 to dump trash for three months… THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY!!!

Patrick Jones