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Letter to the editor...Another option
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Dear Editor: On Your "Today Polls" it should always have an "Other" listed with an opportunity to give alternate suggestions that may be a better choice than what you currently list.

This is prompted by your "Today Poll" for:

What measure should the school board take to make up its $9.7 million deficit?
- Close schools
- Cut positions
- Cut salaries/furloughs
- Cut programs
- Go to a 4-day week

[The other option would be] sidewalks - installing sidewalks, so students can walk or ride a bike to school.

In our mind, the dollars spent on installing sidewalks would save literally millions of dollars for Newton County School System repeatedly with eradicating enduring costs on school buses for pickup and delivery of children who can walk if only there was a sidewalk for them to use. We all benefit in this community improvement immediately from the point of installation.

Utilization of sidewalks dramatically reduces the cost of operating and maintenance of school buses annually.

The high school and middle schools students should be the first to undertake this change within a mile or two of the school's radius.

Bus drivers affected with this change can remain employed as crossing guards for the same several hours currently worked as drivers.

The benefits of sidewalks are very apparent for our community. They offer to our community enhancements in safety, health and "green" alternatives for all of us, young and old.