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Letter to the Editor - Thanks for care
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Dear Editor: Is it possible to have a good day at the hospital?


Actually, I experienced two good days at Newton Medical Center. How can that be during a time when the health-care industry is under constant criticism?

I am here today to give praise to the people who staff our local health-care facility.

On Dec. 2, I had outpatient surgery at Newton Medical Center, and I will say without any reservations, the care and attention that I received was outstanding. From my pre-surgical screening visit to my actual procedure, all the people with whom I had contact were cordial, friendly and desirous to serve. I found the facility clean, well-equipped and having a pleasant atmosphere.

Kudos to all my new friends at Newton Medical Center, and compliments to management for hiring such good people. To the community, you don’t have to go to Atlanta to get quality care.

Keep up the good work.


John St. Clair

Social Circle