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Letter to the Editor: Thank the rich
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Dear Editor: I am sorry for Mr. Roy Evritt's jaded view of American society. In his world view, people can only become wealthy through some sort of manipulation of the system. The American system I know honors individual talent and rewards risk taking. Instead of defaming rich people he should thank them for creating opportunities for people like himself to enjoy the dignity of work and to get paid for it.

Mr. Evritt should ponder what his life might be like without the risk undertaken by some of these evil rich people he so despises. Would he choose to give up his car, disconnect his electricity, wash his clothes in a stream, or cook by campfire? I am sure he posted his letter to the Covington News over the Internet with a computer. We are beginning to see more than a glimpse of what business life would be like if these progressive policies continue.

Most of the evil rich Mr. Evritt despises so much are business people struggling to meet a payroll, and keep the lights on as progressive economic policies keep taking more and more of their earnings. The progressive debases individual talent and achievement by assuming that all money is the property of government. The all knowing government then allows us to keep only the share they think we need. As you can plainly read from his editorial letter, he does not consider a person's earnings theirs to keep and do with what they will. We should call this by its real name, Communism.

Before telling us what Christ wants us to do, Mr. Evritt should read the Ten Commandments for himself. Would Christ condone breaking at least two of the commandments - thou shalt not steal, and thou shalt not covet thy neighbors' goods, in the name of welfare?

Mr. Evritt is correct in that Christ challenges us to care for the poor. Charity is created when individuals use their free will to give of their resources as they see fit. Charity is not some nameless, faceless government bureaucrat that confiscates and redistributes as they see fit in the name of the almighty federal government. This subverts what makes us in the image of God - free will. The government might use a taxpayer's money for causes the individual finds morally reprehensible.

There are many examples of the wealthy supporting charity. Nationally, the examples are numerous through American history. In the 1930s Andrew Mellon donated the building and the art to create the National Gallery of Art. Present examples include people like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and John Huntsman donating a large portion of their wealth to charitable causes. There are numerous local examples in our community where the well off and even not so well off support local charities and willingly give of their time, talent, and treasure. These people did not need the government to force them to do it.

Instead of trashing the American way, Mr. Evritt should consider that this system, our American system, has lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system he can point out. Even Fidel Castro recently pointed out that his economic system doesn't work. Mr. Evritt should take note.

Tim Cooper, Covington