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Letter to the editor... Supporting the NCSS public relations director
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Dear Editor: Teachers are inundated daily with work to do. That’s a fact. We’re so fortunate because getting the word out about news occurring in the system doesn’t fall on our shoulders. We can choose to let the public relations director inform the media of events or we can call ourselves. When I’ve chosen to call, the media chooses not to cover the event. When I’ve asked our public relations director to call, news media deems the event newsworthy. Hmm, I think the way to get any news out in reference to the school system is to go through the public relations director.

I, for one, take great offense at the characterization of our director as being less than helpful. She is a "one woman" show and does a fantastic job. She answers questions in a timely manner as well as actively seeks news to share. Last year, my school was fortunate enough to have Mike Byster, a well-known mathematician, come and share his memory tricks with my students. Mrs. Viniard worked diligently with me and Byster’s public relations person. Without Mrs. Viniard’s assistance, I wouldn’t have been able to pull off this event so successfully.

 A public relations director’s job is to get the word out and Mrs. Viniard does exactly that. Your editorial makes her out to be inept. Wrong. My personal opinion is that the Covington News is the one inept. This tabloid frequently reports incorrect information. The information is inflammatory and flat out wrong. I thought the news was to be reported as it happened, not as you wanted it to happen.

 I thought long and hard about whether to write this letter. Obviously, I chose to write. I couldn’t stand by and let your paper attack my public relations director. Mrs. Viniard is supported throughout the school system by teachers, paraprofessionals and custodians … bottom line … she is the best public relations director any of us have ever had. Thanks, Mrs. Viniard, for being approachable and for always keeping what is right out front.

Sandie Albritton, NBCT