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Letter to the editor... Poor EHS coverage
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Dear Editor: I did not have the chance Friday or Saturday to read the Friday edition and just now finished it and the Sunday edition. It is absolutely amazing that two teams that did nothing last year in football seem to be getting all the coverage. Neither Alcovy or Newton made it anywhere in the play-offs last year, yet we have a team in the county that made it to the elite eight and they are being treated by your paper as red-headed step-children.

There was not a word in Friday’s edition that Eastside was even going to start their season. I do not even have a child in school so I have no axe to grind in that manner. Yes, the Eastside game was about two hours away and 2/3 of the county teams were at Sharp field, but you have a team coming off a great year and don’t even acknowledge them. I also noticed that during the months leading up to the start of the season, Alcovy and Newton received more press coverage. Please note there are three high school teams in the county, just because one of the schools is smaller should not be the defining factor on your coverage.

Thom Barker

Social Circle