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Letter to the Editor: No round-about needed
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Dear Editor: In reference to Brenda Lazenby’s letter in the June 27 paper, I applaud her. We are not St. Simons Island or Bend, Oregon. We do not need a round-about at Turner Lake Road and Clark Street to confuse people. We only need turning lanes.

The taxpayers’ money would be better spent putting a traffic light at Highway 81 and Crowell Road. This intersection involves an elementary school and high school traffic as well as people trying to get to and from Covington and Atlanta to work. Once the round-about is complete, who is going to maintain it?

We seem to want beautiful things but don’t want to pay to keep them up. Have you looked at the I-20 exit 90 ramp? It looks like you are going into a slum or a dump area, papers and trash everywhere. Covington doesn’t need a round-about, it needs road maintenance.

Ruth Davis