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Letter to the editor - Lack of help
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Dear Editor: A week before Christmas, someone dumped seven Lab pups at the end of the dirt road on Robertson Road in Newborn. First of all, shame on the person who did this. If I had not came along, they would have died in the cold. They left them in an area that has no houses or shelter and has coyotes, wild animals, etc.

So being a good person, I called 911 and reported them. A deputy came out and talked to me. She wound up taking two of them for herself. She also called the humane society twice to leave a message to come pick them up. I then made the "mistake" of telling my daughter about them. Being a good person also, she went and picked them up. Now four weeks later and after several calls to Humane Society asking to come pick these animals up, I was told that, because my daughter took them in, they are considered hers. We can sign them over to the Humane Society, (for a fee to us), of course.

OK. How is this our fault? And why are we being penalized for trying to help animals that someone else thought so little of they threw them out like trash? It boggles my mind.

My daughter is working everyday to support four kids. They are struggling to make ends meet as it is. Now they are expected to pay to have animals that would have died without their help removed. I think that’s crazy. I am also deeply ashamed of our Humane Society. Shame on them for offering no help in this situation at all. It’s not like we didn’t try to get them to come get the dogs. We have called several times.

I "had" been a big fan of the Humane Society here for a long time. I adopted a dog several years ago from them. I am a responsible pet owner. All of my three animals were fixed as soon as they are old enough. They live in a warm house with plenty of food and love. If you can’t afford animals, don’t get them. If you do have unwanted animals, don’t dump them. Finally, don’t expect any help from the Humane Society, if you do find unwanted animals.

I will never recommend the Humane Society to anyone, ever again. It is frustrating to say the least, and downright shameful at most to have nowhere to turn when this sort of thing happens.

Linda Cooper



Editor’s note: Newton County Animal Control and the Newton County Humane Society are separate entities. The Humane Society is a volunteer, nonprofit organization.