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Letter to the editor... Keep running Nat
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Dear Editor: In response to Barbara Morgan’s critique of Nat Harwell’s many columns, if I’m not mistaken, Mr. Harwell’s columns appear on what is known as the "opinion" page, i.e. these are his opinions. If Ms. Morgan wants to write articles for your opinion page, I’m sure many would be open to hearing her opposing point of view.

 Like Mr. Harwell, I am a middle-aged, middle class, white, small-town Southerner and relish the days when Ozzie and Harriett reigned as the epitome of American culture. I would take that any day over today’s "reality" (garbage) TV. Ms. Morgan talks about life being a series of changes and that "we cannot stop the clock or turn it back." How true. But we can attempt to impart some of the wisdom from those simpler days into today’s "instant gratification" world. The 50s weren’t perfect years by any means. But, if we can’t learn from what was good about the past, our future is doomed. She further states that she grew up in those years, but they don’t define her. Well, they do define me. I am who I am today because of that "1950’s time warp." We can be proud of growing up with Ozzie, Harriett and Sheriff Andy Taylor. Will today’s teenagers and twenty-somethings be able to say the same thing 30 years from now?

 Several times over the last three or four years I almost dropped by subscription to The Covington News. I enjoy reading the local news, editorials, etc., but get so discouraged by the reporters’ grammatical errors (their, there, they’re and your, you’re — in particular) and seeming lack of proofreading of the columns after they are written. What keeps me coming back are Nat Harwell’s, Kari Apted’s and now Lewis Grizzard’s columns (and, yes, I do realize he is also "in the past," but I enjoy them as much now as I did 20 years ago). So, my comment, directed to you, the editor, is please don’t even think of dropping Mr. Harwell’s columns from the paper.

Ms. Morgan further states "change is not something to be feared." Most of the time that is true. But, try telling that to the thousands losing their jobs, houses, savings and medical benefits every day. And quite frankly, thinking about the government taking over private industry gives me great fear. She also wants "columns and commentaries that provoke thought, that push our comfort zones." We see and read every day about how everyone’s comfort zones are being thrown right out of the windows. Yes, change is definitely in the air, but it’s not all good. Maybe we would be wise to look back to those simpler times — that 1950’s time warp. In the ’50s school children were taught that America was the greatest country on earth. It seems like today, school children have to teach our so-called leaders that we are still the greatest country on earth and owe apologies to no one. As I said, if Ms. Morgan desires to write columns for the opinion page, that’s OK with me. Although, I probably won’t read them for fear of being overwhelmed to the point of feeling faint.


Susan DesJardins

Social Circle