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Letter to the editor: Internet censorship
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Dear Editor: The copy below was what was sent earlier today to Rep. Jim Marshall of Georgia’s 8th district in regards to his support of "Net Neutrality" which is nothing more than Internet censorship.

 Your letters sent to me dated May 12 and May 20, 2010, respectively on "Net Neutrality" and your support of it leads me to one question: Why do you support censorship?

 The ability for people to speak to each other freely, to pray freely, to write freely, to assemble freely, and to petition the government is vital to the foundations in this country as part of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. This is the same Constitution that has been unchanged since you were sworn as an Army Ranger during the Vietnam War, even through your tenure as mayor of Macon, as a law professor at Mercer, and as now as a Representative for Georgia’s eighth district which you have served since the 2006 elections.

 As an American, I value my freedom of speech and all of my Constitutional rights that were God-given. We are living in a time that most people in this country understand is not the America they grew up in. We are seeing the checks and balances of our Constitution being continually usurped by organizations in the Executive Branch such as the FCC’s Net Neutrality grab despite a court order stating otherwise to treat the Internet as a public utility. This effort to do this is similiar to what was done to electrical utilities which caused their numbers to drop from 2000 prior to the New Deal to only 18 by the 1950s.

 You fought the communists in the Vietnam War. It is a shame that you have succumbed to them in your own party now in the cause to censor what many in your party consider "hate speech."