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Letter to the editor: County champion
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Dear Editor: I would like to share my positive sentiments about Mort Ewing, 1st District county commissioner. Mort is a long-time friend of mine so my comments are admittedly biased. Nevertheless, I am long overdue at publicly thanking him for the wonderful job that he has done as a Newton County leader.

Over the years Mort has consistently worked for the good of the citizenry of our county. His motives have always been totally unselfish. His agendas have always been clear, honest and well articulated. I and others have not always agreed, but there is never any dispute who knows more about any given issue, or, for that matter, where Mort stands — never wavering for political gain. He does his homework on every issue coming before the board and asks intelligent questions. He tirelessly attends meetings of all types in the county and region, whether in his district or others with the intent of learning the facts on various issues.

Mort is an honest, committed champion of Newton County to whom I, for one, am deeply indebted.