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Letter to the editor - Columnist off-base
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Dear Editor: I am a black female Southern Christian, raised in Covington. My oldest daughter was in Newton County High School in 1968. I sent her there to my regret, thinking it would help make things better for blacks. I took her from her classmates she had been with for 10 years. (Columnist Nat) Harwell stated (Jan. 9) that the education system has collapsed. If it has, it is because of people like him who are still steeped in the Southern tradition. When blacks entered classrooms, they were not accepted on the same level. If minorities were promoted who were not qualified, it is because of people like Mr. Harwell. Black students were not encouraged to be educated and compelled to seek higher learning.

As far as dress codes are concerned, that’s what leaders and teachers are for, to make decisions for people who can’t make positive decisions.

And regarding "Dixie," black Southerners could care less if the song is played. As for the "N" word, why would a white person have the need to use it when they know it’s a sensitive word for blacks. It was used during slavery and after in a degrading way. Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan do not get a laugh from intelligent people. I guess Mr. Harwell has a problem deleting this word from his vocabulary. People like him take the blame for nothing.

When he needs a topic to write about, write about the degradation and dehumanization people suffered. Respect people for the contributions they make to this country and do not prey on weak minds.

Leave us alone. Sadly, some of us are still steeped in the traditions we were forced to embrace.

Emma Horne