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Letter to the editor... BOE or real estate tycoons
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Dear Editor: Open letter to the Governor of Georgia: Just a little over two year’s ago, then Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, running for elected office, spoke at a Republican party meeting in Covington and stated that if he was elected, "I will take the board of educations out of the real estate business." This he has failed to do.

Here are the cold, hard facts. The local boards waste millions upon millions of our tax payer’s money buying land to build new schools. I hope your readers remember just how the U.S. Postal Service buys land. They don’t go out and give the fair market value for land, most of the time, but sometimes they do.

The postal services on a given area. Then they place an ad in the local newspapers telling how much land they want and give a boundary of where they want to build.

They do this to get the property owners time to bid against each other. And it works every time.

Mr. Governor, take the school systems out of the real estate business and save taxpayers money. You could even hire more teachers for the classroom with those dollars saved.

Horace D. Gresham