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Letter to the editor
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Grass greener at YMCA
 Dear Editor: I recently visited the Covington Family YMCA's new Outdoor Center to coach my 4-year old son, Mac, in soccer. While the new fields did not help break Mac's scoring slump, I came away very impressed with the beginnings of the Y's ambitious facility.
 They have the sort of field that is so green, you wish you had a picnic. Grass so soft, older men like me get the (misguided) courage to play a game of tackle football. In the past, Mac and I have bounced around playing YMCA T-ball and soccer at county fields and churchyards. Now, this Outdoor Center gives YMCA sports a home and Mac a place that will always bring fond memories.
 Everyone at the YMCA and all the donors deserve a huge thank you from our community for creating such a beautiful space to serve our kids. You need not be a YMCA member to enjoy this gift. There is much more work to be done to finish the Outdoor Center; and the YMCA needs all of our support and donations to get it done.
 I find it better to donate to an organization that makes the most of every dollar. At the new YMCA Outdoor Center, they are making the kind of progress for our kids you can feel between your toes.

Michael Geoffroy

Sign ideas
 Dear Editor: Someone stole the political campaign sign from our front yard. If this has happened to you, I suggest doing, what I'm going to do - I'm going to make my own hand-made signs, poster size, bigger and better than the one I had.
 I've asked my neighbors in the neighbor watch to be on the lookout for autos they aren't familiar with in the neighborhood.
 I thought Covington was much better than this...what a juvenile prank. Why not vote instead of taking your frustrations out on my rights.

Michael Johnson