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Letter to county employees
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Dear Editor: I attended the commission meeting last week and listened to the "I feel your pain" speeches as they discussed furloughs, layoffs and cutting your salary. They promised to leave no stone unturned as they look for other ways to cut the budget. But there is one stone they refuse to turn over and that is the Denby property condemnation.

 The reservoir will not be built for many years and the expenditure of $500,000 could easily be postponed until another year. This means 15 employees would not have to take a 10 percent pay cut.

 The question of "Why now?" still have not been answered and we all need to keep asking until it is.

  In response to WSB reporter John Bachman asking that same question, commission chairman Kathy Morgan replied that they have to acquire all the land in order to get their permits. This is not true. Walton County received their Federal 404 permit in 2004 and their state EPD withdrawal permit last year and have only acquired less that 25 percent of their land needed.

 When questioned about this action during the recess one commissioner said it had gone too far and could not be dropped, and again this is just not true. Another commissioner said it was under litigation and she could not discuss it. I just know that if it was my paycheck on the chopping block, I would demand that these questions get truthful answers.

Ken McMichael