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Letter: Sometimes change is necessary
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Dear Editor,

Your editorial re the Trash "debacle” Is right on target.

And what most Newton County residents would like to know is!

If they pay the $50 up charge (RANSOM ) to continue dumping trash at the "Convenience" centers , will there be improved service , or will it be the same "Shoddy" service as present, ( with repeated trips required , due to "ALL BINS FULL " and nowhere to dump?

Is/are there any plans "going forward," in the event the Convenience Centers CLOSE in February 2017 as previously announced!

The Newton County trash system is a "Travesty” of poor management, poor planning and underfunding. Is anyone in charge or accountable?

Someone needs to figure out, and plan a short and long term strategy to allay the mistrust within the community.

Instead of "GOUGING " the Newton County residents for this inefficient management, Why not put some SPLOST money to "GOOD USE ".with needed improvements to our very necessary trash system .

Sometimes "change" is necessary, (But it needs to be positive and efficient to be effective).

Patrick Jones