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LETTER: Reader poses several questions concerning property taxes and collections
Letters - OPINION

To the Editor and property owners:

Did y’all receive your thoughtful, (yet later than usual), Happy Holiday, Forced Offering, property tax bill from Scrooge, (I mean), the Commissioner’s Office? Just in time for Christmas!  Yay, just what we all were wishing for, huh?  Some came with sweet little notes addressing some of us elderly or disabled folks, (but not me), explaining the delay in the bill and why some older people were receiving discounts & tax breaks. You should see the form letter I received from Marcus Jordan’s office earlier this year. Without too much detail, these are the words that cropped up: execution (four times), against (twice), lien, penalty, acrue.  All wording to break, intimidate and wreak fear. (I know, I make it my point to try and master the meanings of words and their affects for good, not evil).  And just because I told them I wouldn’t pay the $1,000 school tax I didn’t owe. I did let him know he needed to tone down the wording if he was working toward any kind of complacency from anybody.

Some of you probably own your house now and/or have no children going to school but are still, like me, being sent extortion bills from this corporation we have no contract with.  

Ask yourself these questions: Are these people appointed by us? Do they work for us? Are property taxes constitutional? Do we have a constitutional right to own property?  Is it the law? (or a mandate). ... or if you are 64, remember School House Rock?  Can property only be taxed to commercial and business only? Is the only entity that can sell your property the Title Holder – which is you?  Did more people appeal their taxes in Georgia this year than any? Do corporations and banksters contract with men and women without their consent like when mortgage companies and tax commissioners slip in property tax fees into mortgage loans claiming, “It’s the law!” 

Can assessors make up predictions about the value of your land? Should you pay a counterfeit bill year after year you already paid taxes on when you bought your house and ever after? 

Are we being taxed for things over and over just by a different name to confuse us, pad their pockets and hide the money? Are you being illegally taxed out of your legacy and hard life’s work?  If a person or business sent you a bill you hadn’t contracted with, or received services from, would you pay it? 

Before you get in a hurry to part with your hard earned cash, don’t take it from me, do your own research. I’d be happy to send you a copy of my findings and essay on this subject though.  

Holly Jameson